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About Dillingham Waste Management

Dillingham Waste Management is owned by the Smith family.    Our great grandfather came to Russian America during the Andrew Johnson Presidency, originally settling in a Southeast  Tlingit village.   The family moved during the Rutherford B. Hayes administration to Latouche Alaska, then to the bustling town of Katalla Alaska midway through the Teddy Roosevelt Presidency.  We had the general stores in what are now both ghost towns.  The original Tlingit village we settled in became the town of Rockwell after we left, then later Juneau.   My father came to Dillingham early in the FDR presidency, he was a pilot and later opened a store.  During WW2 we owned and  operated the trucking and bus lines transporting troops on Kodiak island.  We have family in Dillingham, Clarks Point, Aleknagik, Fairbanks, and Cordova. 
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